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    The Ultimate Glamour Designer Choice Capsule Collection

    In the ever-evolving world of fashion, we raise the bar for the fashion curious with our specially curated Designer Choice capsule collections. These exclusive capsule collections drop 5-7 times per year, introducing carefully curated pieces designed for fashion-forward individuals. Designer Choice capsules are not just another collection, but a manifestation of unique and distinct styles that capture the essence of individuality. What sets these capsule collections apart is their versatility - each item is meticulously crafted to be worn together in various combinations within the capsule, creating an array of looks and a micro wardrobe. Simultaneously, each piece can stand alone as a bold fashion statement, ensuring that every woman can express her unique style.
    Behind the magic of Olsen's Designer Choice capsules stands the vision of Olsen’s Global Head of Design, Dagmar, and her design team. With a commitment to superior quality and the pursuit of the ideal fit, Dagmar ensures that every piece reflects the brand's dedication to excellence. Possessing an understanding of future trends, her creative vision shapes the unique and distinct styles that define the Designer Choice capsule collections. As we explore holiday glamour with the recent capsule drop, Dagmar's influence is woven into every embellishment, choice of fabric and silhouette that makes these pieces truly exceptional.
    This special edition of Designer Choice is perfectly timed for the festive season with looks to get you party-ready for the holidays and beyond. In a rich and mysterious blue shade, highlights include a delightful blend of textures, from the shimmer of sequins to the luxurious feel of velvet and faux leather. Every single garment in this collection is eye-catching. Whether it’s the luxurious velvet twist on a classic blazer finished with a sequin collar or allover sequin pants that effortlessly catch the light, creating an eye-catching ensemble for a special occasion is easy. The faux leather pants are a fashionista must-have in a versatile shade that is easy to dress up or dress down. With the assistance of the right accessories, the velvet shell is the epitome of elegance. If you love a statement dress, the capsule offers twp styles - opulence of a velvet dress with a stunning cutout neckline detail and an allover dazzling sequin dress .
    The beauty of Olsen's Designer Choice Capsule Collection lies not only in its holiday glamour but also in its potential for year-round wear. Mix and match the pieces to create a variety of looks or let each item shine individually. This collection is designed for the woman building a wardrobe that stands the test of time, with each piece carefully selected for its ability to be worn throughout the years. Olsen invites every woman to embrace her individuality and make a statement with the Designer Choice collection – where glamour meets versatility, and style knows no bounds.