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    Mastering the Art of Layering

    Fashion is a form of self-expression, and one of the most creative ways to showcase fashion savvy is through layering clothes. The art of layering is a way to add depth, texture, and dimension to your outfit, creating a stylish and unique look.

    The Basics of Layering

    Layering is all about combining different garments to create a cohesive and stylish outfit. Start with a base layer, such as a fitted tank or a lightweight long-sleeved top and pair with pants or a skirt in an ideal fit for you - this will serve as the foundation for your layered look. From here, basing your next choice on the weather, what’s trending, and most importantly your own personal taste, you then add garments over top like sweaters, cardigans, shirts, blazers, vests and even scarves. 

    When layering, you can opt for a monochrome look and choose items in different shades of the same colour family or create contrast by adding neutrals that are harmonious with just about everything, such as navy, black, grey and cream.

    Mixing Textures

    One of the secrets to successfully creating a layered look is to mix textures. Combining different fabric textures adds visual interest and depth to your outfit.

    Consider experimenting with fabrics and textures like jersey, denim, tactile knits, quilting and satin-effect materials to create a captivating contrast to your ensemble. For example, pair a tweed jacket over a flowy satin-effect dress or combine a quilted vest with a cardigan that has evident stich interest.

    Seasonal Layering

    Adapting how you layer to the change in seasons is essential for both style and comfort, especially during transitional months where the temperature outside can vary throughout the day, or when air-conditioned interiors may be very cool compared to warm outdoors. During warmer seasons, opt for lightweight layers in breathable fibres like a linen shirt over a cotton tee, or airy silhouettes like a breezy kimono over a tank top.

    Colder months are when layering has its time to shine! Layering clothes retains body heat to protect you from the cold and allows you the flexibility to remove layers to adjust to changing temperatures outdoors versus indoors. In fall and winter, prioritize warmth by choosing heavier fabrics and cozy knits like quilted materials, wool blends or chunky novelty sweaters and scarves. A style tip for cold-weather layering is to wear a base layer like a t-shirt or tank in 100% cotton that wicks moisture away from the skin, is breathable and soft.

    Accessorize Thoughtfully

    Accessories can make or break a layered look – choose ones that complement your layers rather than overpower them. Scarves, statement necklaces, belts, and hats can add an extra layer of style to your ensemble. However, remember the golden rule: less is more. Opt for one or two accessories to avoid overwhelming your outfit. Olsen offers an extensive range of scarves in playful prints and textures that can be the perfect finishing touch and final piece to your layered look.
    Layering clothes is a captivating form of fashion expression that allows you to showcase your creativity and style. By mixing textures and incorporating thoughtful accessories, you can create a dynamic and visually stunning ensemble. Remember to experiment with statement pieces and adapt your layering techniques to the seasons for maximum impact. With these techniques in mind, you'll be well on your way to becoming a layering pro and ushering in the fall season in style.