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    It's simple - collect points, save on future purchases.
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    As a member of Olsen Rewards Program you will:

    Earn points for eligible purchases at any participating Olsen retail location. Participating Olsen retail stores include Olsen standalone stores, Olsen stores within select Hudson’s Bay locations &; Olsen Outlet stores are excluded.
    • Earn_-_EN
    250 points simply by enrolling!
    • Access_-_EN
    500 birthday bonus points* among other program perks.
    • Earn_-_EN
    5 points for every dollar** spent on eligible purchases made at participating Canadian Olsen stores and online at
    • Enjoy_-_EN
    your profile by visiting to view your earned points balance.

    All you need is a valid email address to enroll!

    It's simple - collect points, save on future purchases.

    Points Earned10002000300040005000
    Rewards $ Value$10$20$30$40$50
    Points EarnedRewards $ Value

    Already a member?

    We're thrilled to heave you on board! With your consent, we will keep you updated by email with notifications whenever you earn or redeem Olsen Rewards points. 

    You will also receive notifications for exclusive offers and important Olsen Rewards Loyalty Program updates by email or via your Olsen Rewards Profile accessible online at

    Questions about Olsen Rewards?

    For full program Terms & Conditions, or other inquiries, visit
    *Olsen reserves  the right to modify, suspend, or terminate the Program, in whole or in part, at any time and for any reason without prior notice. Such modifications may include but are not limited to changes in point values, redemption options, and eligibility criteria.

    *Birthday Bonus is applicable to members who have provided a birth date on their Olsen Rewards Profile online at

    **Eligibility of items for points accrual may vary based on item sale price at the time of purchase. See terms and conditions for details.

    †Members will enjoy exclusive offers and Non-Transaction Points when they respond to notifications via email, or through their Olsen Rewards Profile online at Olsen retains the right to launch exclusive offers at its discretion.