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Frequently Asked Questions

With over 30 years’ experience in the home exteriors business, we have the answer if you have a question. Check out our frequently asked questions, below, or contact us.

It is called “efflorescence”, and it occurs when water evaporates and brings salts to the surface of the product, appearing as a deposit of white crystals. It does not, in any way, compromise the functionality of the product. With rain, and time, efflorescence will disappear.

Yes! We can put you in touch with quality landscaping contractors in your area.

Yes. Both Permacon and Techo-Bloc product warranties cover any abnormal deterioration of surfaces that may be caused by the use of salt used for de-icing pavers, slabs, or steps.

Yes! We carry a full range of masonry and landscaping stone from Permacon. Their product lines are designed to complement each other, to enable you to create a harmonized look. When you choose this year’s masonry products, you will be able to see the complementary landscaping stone choices for next year’s patio.

You can easily change certain style aspects – for example, if you have a casement style window and wish to change to a slider style, or go from single hung to double hung. Making a change that impacts your window size or shape may be more complex however. Our windows specialists can advise you if what you have in mind could work.

U-value is the rate of heat transfer from a warm area to a cold area.

ER (Energy Rating) is a scale that takes into account a product’s U-value, potential solar gain and air tightness.

In simplest terms, the lower the U-value the better, and the higher the ER value the better. With our many suppliers and various glass options, our specialists can help you choose the windows that best meet your needs.

We don’t believe you can – properly and permanently. Condensation is a sign that the seal has broken. While there are some companies offering “defogging” services for windows, we believe that replacing your windows is the only true solution to the problem.


Professional installers can perform window installations all year-round. By tackling one window at a time, and installing a temporary barrier for the short time it takes to prepare and install the new window after removing the old, we can minimize your home’s exposure to the elements.

Insulated siding is vinyl siding with rigid foam insulation factory-attached to the back. It can help improve a home’s energy performance by breaking the “thermal bridge” between the studs and exterior cladding. Thermal bridging occurs when materials with poor insulating properties contact each other, allowing heat to flow through them. By providing a continuous layer of insulation between the studs and the cladding, insulated siding breaks the thermal bridge and increases the total wall’s thermal performance.

An air barrier is intended to control air leakage resulting from differences in air pressure between the inside and outside of your house.  Air leakage can be a serious problem, causing moisture damage in the walls, affecting indoor air quality by allowing pollutants to collect in wall interiors, and increasing your heating and cooling costs.

The Institute for Research in Construction (IRC) at the National Research Council lists the basic requirements for an effective air barrier as being: continuous with no gaps, impermeable to air leakage, rigid (supported against wind pressure), durable (lasts the life of the building) and repairable if damaged.

For contemporary style homes, panels made of corrugated steel or aluminum composite material (ACM) are becoming increasingly popular. These metal panels are used either as the primary cladding material, or in conjunction with stone, brick or wood cladding.

For a more traditional look, fibre cement siding is popular as it provides the aesthetic of wood, but is more durable and requires less maintenance.

Vinyl siding requires very little maintenance, just occasional cleaning. Rinse it with a garden hose and clear water. If more thorough cleaning is required, use a soft-bristled brush but do not scrub or rub as this may create glossy-looking areas on the siding.

Your roof is a system with a lot of working components. If one or more of these components is not working properly, you will experience ice build-up.

From ice and water shield underlayment to venting (including intake through the soffit and exhaust through roof venting), our experts will walk you through how our roofing system minimizes the chance of ice build-up. Your insulation may need to be inspected if you have all the right roofing components. Let our specialists help you out.

Quite simply, we’re established professionals. We’ll do the job right and we’ll stand behind our work with after-sales service and workmanship warranties. We can never be less expensive than small or start up roofing companies because of the support structure we’ve built to properly serve our customers: we train and insure our crews; maintain a fleet of service vehicles and retain a team of office support staff.

A proper roof replacement job includes removing all of the existing shingles. This ensures that any damage under the existing shingles can be identified and repaired, and that the new roofing system can be properly installed.

You won’t know for sure until a knowledgeable roofer inspects the condition of your roof. But some of the tell-tale signs that you may need to replace your roof include: leaks, visible dark or “dirty” looking areas on your shingles, shingles that are visibly cracked or curled, or visible damage on your exterior paint or siding (which could be signs of poor attic ventilation).

If the Olsen team inspects your roof and determines it does not need to be replaced, we’ll let you know.